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Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks

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  • Joined: 2018

Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks MD, is a member of the Alaska Spring Pharmaceutical Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Hendricks is a Medical Doctor with an extensive research background in nutritional biochemistry andepigenetics and spends much of his time formulating research based custom products. He has developed functional beverages, enhanced waters, cosmetics, capsules, liquids, and tablets for companies in the USA and around the world. After four years at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Human Genetics lab Dr. Hendricks was invited to participate in a fellowship at the Laboratory for Gene Transfer at the National Institutes of Health. He was part of the team working out how subtle nutritional signals could affect disease risk. He is also currently a sub-investigator for the chelation/multivitamin NIH sponsored clinical trial called TACT II.

Dr. Hendricks trained in trauma/emergency medicine in Brooklyn, NY and has practiced in multiple fields of medicine. He served as a Medical Director in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Occupational Medicine and is a member of the Advisory Board of many US and International companies. While in clinical practice, Dr. Hendricks developed multipleclinical protocols for cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, and rheumatoid arthritis.

When not practicing medicine Dr. Hendricks is an inventor, triathlete, runner and cyclist. He has patented a novel medical device for Rheumatoid Arthritis, developedRize Performance Beverage, a natural health drink to optimize physical and mental function, and Halo Water, the first Trehalose infusion water designed for anti-inflammation.

Dr. Hendricks clinical experience with over 50,000 patients, and his background in epigenetics and nutritional biochemistry ideally suit his role as a member of our Medical Advisory Board.

"In the world of nutrition and epigenetics, we are discovering simple, safe, and effective ways to express our healthiest genes. I think the future is bright for the nutritional supplements field and I believe we will see development of more products that help prevent a multitude of conditions. I am thrilled to work with Alaska Spring Pharmaceuticals as part of this movement."

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