Are you looking for the perfect partner to package your vitamin, supplement or nutraceutical products? Well look no further – Alaska Spring Pharmaceuticals is here to put our expert packaging designers to work for you. We produce beautiful:

  • Supplement bottles
  • Nutritional supplement packaging
  • Supplement bottles and labels
  • Vitamin bottles and labels
Packaging and Bottling

According to data cited in a recent article in Nutraceutical World, “the majority of MULO (Multi Outlet) gummy vitamin, mineral and supplement brands saw increased sales for the 52-weeks ending May 15, 2016. Yet all of these products, be it vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals, pet vitamins, collagens, body building supplements, probiotics, prenatal vitamins, joint pain relief, sports pain relief or children gummies, all dependupon having the right “look and feel” to entice buyers in selecting your product over others and to keep them coming back for more.


Our large selection of bottling and packaging options give you the competitive edge you need in today’s market. Packaging is the first thing that your potential customers will see and touch in regard to your brand, and it is how they will remember you. Packaging plays a big role in selling your product. Alaska Spring is here to support you in improving the presentation of your product and in achieving your packaging goals with Alaska Spring’s cutting-edge bottling and packaging options., so you can focus on your core business and marketing.

Bottle Shapes and Colors to Meet Your Specifications!

We are a top-tier contract packaging company with many packaging options for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for both people and for pets. Alaska Spring can provide containers with either screw or snap type closures. You can choose from any type of bottling materials, including the industry standard white HDPE, or PET round, square or oblong bottles in different colors.

Alaska Spring provides the following packaging types and more:

  • Screw or Snap Closures
  • Shrink Bands for Protection from Tampering
  • Neckband Printing
  • Industry Standard HDPE bottles
  • PET Round, Square or Oblong bottles
  • Numerous colors and Packaging Styles to Choose From
  • Packaging for Pet Supplements

Alaska Spring can apply a shrink band to the neck or body of your bottles, which provides protection against tampering. We also offer neckband printing to further enhance the appearance of your product. You can work with your own designers or with our in-house design team.

Alaska Spring is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your packaging needs. We work to ensure quality, efficiency and cost effective solutions to reach your delivery goals quickly and on time and on budget. Our packaging experts will ensure that your products are bottled safely and meet compliance measures of the FDA and cGMP.



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