Dr. Amber Passini

Dr. Amber Passini

  • MD    |
  • Joined: 2018

Dr. Amber Passini, MD is a classically trained medical doctor with extensive knowledge and training in alternative/integrative medicine. She is one of the premier integrative medicine physicians in the Southeast practicing today and has vast experience with nutritional supplement formulation and design. Dr. Passini served as Medical Director of Crossroads Healing Arts, an integrative medical clinic in Indiana and is currently the Medical Director of Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Center in Landrum, South Carolina. She joined the Alaska Spring Pharmaceutical Advisory Board in 2018.

Having a traditional medicine background and extensive training in complementary and alternative medicine therapies allows her to utilize the best of both worlds. Her expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement, GI complaints, adrenal and thyroid issues, fatigue, chelation therapy, and weight loss is sought by patients around the country. Her expertise in nutritional biochemistry and product design is implemented every day with her patients. She has the unique advantage of witnessing first-hand the benefits of products she has designed. Dr. Passini enjoys giving patients several treatment options to help them regain health, energy, vitality and youthfulness.

Dr. Amber Passini MD, is an expert in intravenous (IV) nutritional therapies as well as oral nutrition. She was a principal investigator for the NIH sponsored national clinical trial to assess chelation therapy, TACT, (an IV treatment to improve circulation and remove heavy metals from the body.) She is also a current principal investigator for the follow up NIH sponsored clinical trial called TACT II, based on the overwhelming positive results from the first trial.

Dr. Passini is able to implement the latest nutritional biochemistry research findings with her highly skilled nursing staff who administer nutritional IV’s for a number of medical conditions. Gastrointestinal problems, vascular conditions, diabetic complications, and chronic infections/chronic fatigue are a few examples. She also reviews the newest nutritional biochemistry research to develop new, cutting edge supplements.

Dr Passini is now focusing more of her attention on the development of the next generation of nutritional products. After treating thousands of patients with nutritional therapies, she is applying that knowledge and experience to product development. We are pleased to have Dr. Amber Passini MD as a member or our Medical Advisory Board.

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