Packaging plays a big role in selling your product, so let us improve the presentation of your product with cutting edge bottling and packaging options

Packaging Options

Packaging Options

Containers with screw or snap type closures can be used. We can accommodate projects of all sizes with numerous packaging options.

We can handle all bottle materials, from industry standard white HDPE, PET round, square, oblong bottles with different colors. We also offer bottle caps of different sizes and colors to make an attractive look for your products.

Our labeling capabilities include both cut or pressure sensitive labels. Our in-home print shop helps you finalize your color graphics or work with your own graphic designer.

Alaska Spring can apply a shrink band to the neck or body of your bottles, which provides protection against tampering. We also offer neckband printing to further enhance the appearance of your product.

Our large selection of bottling and packaging options give you the competitive edge you need in today’s market.