Whether you need 100,000 tablets/capsules, or 10 million tablets/capsules, Alaska Spring Pharmaceuticals will meet your requirements with quality and a highly competitive price


Bottling Manufacturing

Minimum Orders

• 100,000 Tablets
• 100,000 Capsules
• 100 kg for a powder blend
• 1000 bottles of each formulation for full packaging and labeling

Our products are manufactured under the strictest manufacturing standards at all stages of production.


Automatic blending is available to accommodate customer needs. Blender capacities range from one quart to 50 cubic feet. As a part of our quality assurance program, we use sieves to screen all materials before blending to assure consistent material properties.

Tablet Coating

Tablet Coating


Tablets and chewables up to a diameter of 1 and 3/8 inches (35 mm) can be produced on our machines. We have many all-natural and conventional coatings available. Our tablet presses can produce millions of tablets a week, conforming to the highest standards for accuracy and efficiency.

Capabilities in Tablet Coating

• Clear Coating
• Enteric Coating
• Color Film Coating
• Shellac Coating




Our encapsulation processes, combined with our expertise regarding difficult materials, allow us to offer minimum excipient and additive encapsulation for most materials. Alaska Spring’s well trained and dedicated encapsulation specialists have a solution for your specific encapsulation requirements. The encapsulated product is weighted, polished, inspected and sealed into containers before being transferred to other processing steps.

We offer the following encapsulation sizes and types:
“00″, “0″, “1″, “2″, “3″

Two-Piece Hard Gelatin Capsules • Vegi-Capsules • Softgel Capsules